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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here We Are

We made it in one piece with all twelve bags and a Bella doggy who, while she was really glad to see us at baggage claim in Zurich, seems to be none the worse for the long trip. All of us actually got a little sleep on the plane – the boys got a lot – and arrived feeling pretty good.

Zeus’ father and brother came to pick us up and our friends Esther and her kids and Tracy and Rudi came to greet us as well. Manu went to pick up the Blueberry Mazda car and we drove to the Natal Village. We had snacks at our grandparents and then came to visit our house.

The Welcoming Committee


Our luggage


Zeus’ parents-bless them!- had gotten the house all fixed up with beds for our arrival, and there is nothing quite like falling into clean, ironed linen sheets after a long travel. It’s enough to make one ponder the possibility of one ironing one’s sheets as well. But that possibility is pretty remote, I think.

Our first day here was spent eating at what felt like all the wrong hours, exploring the house and garden some more, unpacking clothes and walking to the store to buy dog food. Our grandparents, Popop and Tata, provided lunch and dinner for us since I don’t have any pots and pans or much food yet.

Zeus hit the ground sprinting early in the morning and was off to the town hall to declare ourselves and jumping through car registration hoops. After lunch he and his dad built a closet for us, because built-in bedroom closets don’t really exist here – it’s mostly Bring Your Own Closet – BYOC. Or Wardrobe, if you will, as in Lucy going to Narnia. In French it is called an armoire. So they put together the armoire for us, and we began unpacking into it.

The kids and I felt a little lost all day. What with jet lag, fatigue, warm temperatures, lots of unfamiliarity and a house that doesn’t smell like us, we kept sort of wandering about, feeling like we should be doing something -  the past few weeks there was always something we needed to be doing – but not quite sure what. To be suddenly with no extremely pressing agenda in a very quiet little village feels rather surreal. I think we just need time, vitamins and a lot of chocolate to burn off the excess adrenalin still flowing in our veins. The chocolate is quite helpful in the Oh No! What have we done?! moments.

But it’s very pretty here and the weather is beautiful and we love what we see out the windows.

Looking east - the view from the kitchen, the village church is in the background. Moo.

IMG_9573Looking west, to the backside of the house. Our rental property goes a ways further back – through the orchard which extends past the buildings you see in the background. The cherries are ripe and there are also apple and plum trees. The raspberries and red currants are also ripe right now, which soothes my soul since I had to leave both of those ripe at our house. Yum!

IMG_9567 This was our one casualty from the voyage. My computer was in my carry-on and pretty well packed, but at some point when we were stressed and bundling our things aboard it apparently suffered too much pressure, and the screen cracked. It seems to be working alright (aside from the large alien-with-antennas blotch), but I think slowly the rest of the screen is being affected. So we shall have to see about that. Since I’m supposed to be over here writing, a non-functional computer could seriously hamper my style. 

IMG_9575It’s now about 4:30 am here. Time now for a snack and another shot at sleeping.


  1. I'm so happy to see pictures!! It's beautiful, Jenny. I love that you have an orchard with ripe fruit waiting for you. It seems like the perfect way to make you feel at home. It also makes me want to visit even more.
    Sad news from our most recent theatre room clean-up. We found your black hooded jacket (which I fear might be your comfy cozy special one) and Zarli's sandals. How much do you want them? :-)

  2. I also want to know what time zone your blog post entry time is in. It says 11:26 a.m. on my computer (just in case it is super smart and changes depending on the location of the computer.)

  3. I love seeing everything! Please post more as you unpack and settle. I am impressed with how much you have done so far by introducing us to the cows. Much love.

  4. Oh hello Jenny Schmitt....Have I told you recently how COOL I think you are? Wow, what an adventure! It looks wonderful. When will you be ready for visitors? :) Love to you and yours. Kiss, Kiss. Or is it Kiss, Kiss, Kiss in Switzerland?

  5. This is your personal technical support valet. A replacement monitor has been ordered and will be installed in a week or two.

  6. HI Friend!!! I saw a lady at the mall yesterday who sort of reminded me of you and it made me sad!!! :( b/c I realized I couldn't just call my friend and chat!! but blogging will have to suffice as the next best thing!!! I Love the pictures!!! The boys and I looked at them this AM. We're heading to church in a bit to get Abbey from camp!! So sorry about the computer screen!! At least that was the only casualty!! The village looks so beautiful and peaceful!!! Keep posting; Much love!!! Leigh