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Saturday, June 26, 2010

All My Earthly Possessions

…are here in this storage unit.

IMG_9408 This morning, several nice friends and relations came and loaded our furniture into the U-Haul and carted it all to the storage place. And we left it there. It’s an odd feeling.

I will not say which storage place or what the number is just in case you are a naughty person posing as a nice blog reader and want to go and swipe our stuff (the Legos are in the green drawers.) But actually, even if you were, we don’t really have that great of stuff. It’s kind of thrift-shoppy.

Thinking about it, I realize that probably the one thing that I would be really sorry to have anything happen to is the box of happy little pictures that my kids have drawn over the years. I’m not sure whether that makes me feel really happy or that I need to get some better stuff. 

And actually, not all my earthly possessions are there. There’s a lot more here, waiting to be packed better:


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