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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Camp de Neige

Ski Camp! Since Zeus and I started helping with the church middle school group this year, we were solicited to go along as counselors on the annual church youth ski/snow camp. Um...Okay! A week in the French Alps, on the Mont Blanc Massif - which you see behind the skiers in the photo. Fabulous bright sunshiny weather and fantastic snow 40 campers and 18 leaders.

Zeus was in his element, getting kids set up with correct boots and bindings and he took the beginner group for two days, giving them Swiss chocolate when they started to flag - just the way I was taught 23 years ago by a great teacher named Peter at the Université de Genève. He had such a great time that although we (the parents) were only planning to stay 4 days, he opted to stay the rest of the week, while I meanwhile, have come home to a quiet house to get some home projects done and write blog posts.

Groupe confirmé

Monday we were in charge of a Soirée Américaine. We fed the campers pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. And then we taught them American folk dancing! Patty Cake Polka, Oh Susanna, and the Virginia Reel. There were many skeptical faces to begin with I told them that folk dancing is making a comeback in the USA and that it's really trendy. That helped, maybe. Anyway, by the end of the evening most were convinced and wore big grins as they skipped around the big circles. To get them to stop I had to promise we'd do more soon. Here's a link to a great website I found for learning the dances and downloading free music and instructions. 

Calling with Laurence

Dance partners
learning the steps

And here is something that was so much stereotype fulfillment that I had to take a picture: Cheese course - at ski camp!

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