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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hunters in the Snow

More snow is falling. We’ve had several inches, more is now coming down in the middle of the night, and the forecast for this week predicts even more. Here is what it looks like outside the windows right now (well, not right now, because I am writing at night.)


It makes me think of Pieter Bruegel’s Hunters in the Snow. One of the houses even has the same shape. Today on the way to church, we really did see a Hunter in the Snow. But he was wearing bright orange, and his dog was white with spots.


The neighborhood sledding hill with a small neighborhood sledding person. Our kids have spent a lot of happy time out there.


I always suspected that every twig of this tree was beautiful. Now I am certain.


In the orchard in back of our house.


A few apples still left on the tree. I really wonder if this is what inspired shiny red Christmas tree balls.


icicles. because they are so pointy and frozen.


At the end of last week we celebrated Artemis’ 14th birthday. With Legos and a bottle of nice ol’ wine.


The Caramel Family is here visiting and they helped us celebrate. It has been a wonderful morale booster for us all to have visiting friends.


Saturday we had a girls’ outing to Belfort in France. We did a little shopping and beret purchasing…


and then we restored ourselves in a French cafe.


My treat – too pretty not to take a picture of, but not too pretty not to eat!



  1. Good morning to the snowy Jurasienne!
    Just tried looking you up last week. Was getting worried that the foggy weather had done you in.
    Am now back at home after a November filled with travel for both work and pleasure.
    Perhaps we can get together in December? It would be really nice to meet up when you're so close.
    Big hug from Zürich! Tracy

  2. Yay for berets! And for fun French cafes...even if they don't know how to make less-than-scalding hot chocolate...

    The Caramel Fam has SO enjoyed being in the land of the Swiss with you...missing home, but sad to wondering if we will be snowed in, at this rate!