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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Land of Nopipaal

Because of his recent introduction to the concept of many languages and cultures, and because (I think) he is constantly being reminded and corrected of the new way things work here, Hermes has created the Land of Nopipaal. He and I went there one day on the train in the dining room. We started talking funny and calling each other on our finger phones, and we suddenly realized that we were speaking Nopipaal!

Only Hermes really knows the intricate culture of Nopipaal, but from questioning we gather that everyone looks a lot like Mama and Papa and his brother and sisters.

Every so often he will tell us how to say things in Nopipaal language. Last week, riding on a longish car ride, he told us some new words. To say “Nopipaal” in Nopipaal language for instance you say Su-maaaal-LAH. The word for “house” is loo. Fool-ee-WAH-zoo means “pokey mountains.”

He is keeping us amused, and it is good for him to be in charge of something. Zoooo-WAH! (That means goodbye.)


  1. FOOLIBADO for that post! (Foolibado means Thankyou)


  2. Funny, Juliana did this too when asked to learn a new language. She spoke Gerbil. We still speak it, she and I, when we cuddle.