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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brementown Musicians

I meant to post this back in May as a review of sorts when this was still playing, but well….sometimes life can happen. The past couple years we’ve had the opportunity to see live theater at The Seattle Children’s Theatre. Every show they do is excellent, and if you can go as part of a homeschool group or school group as we do, the tickets are quite affordable.

So last month they did a production of The Brementown Musicians that was absolutely fabulous. I was expecting a fun show about a cute fairy tale, but they turned this story into a full-on musical, and it has moved to one of my top three 3 favorite SCT plays.

When I was a kid, the Brementown Musicians was one of my favorite Grimm fairy tales – I think it has something to do with the theme of social misfits combined with animals and music. For this show they took all the funny stereotypes of German folk life -- pointy Prussian hats, lederhosen, folk art sets (there were even my red polka-dotty mushrooms painted onto the scenery!), mixed them with great tunes and classic SCT animal characterizations.  With a strutting walk and a few feathers we are convinced that the rooster is a rooster.


So anyway, the whole point I bring it up, besides talking up the Children’s Theatre, is that it makes the perfect opportunity to showcase this wonderful cross-stitch pillow made for me by a friend for my 40th birthday. I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to show it off. She said she saw the pattern and thought I would like it. She was so right – I love folk art. But how did she know that was my favorite fairy tale? Anyway, it’s amazing handcrafting and right now it is beautifully adorning my couch, and anyone who dares to sit too close to it, much less on it, better get ready for an earful.


It only pains me because it is so pretty, and very very soon I will have to put it in a box for a year, one of the many boxes that are now invading our living, family and every room. We leave one month from today and all the boxes are making me feel unsettled. So I took a picture of my pillow to tide me over.

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