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Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Tree


Yesterday the children and I set up our Easter Tree. I cut off a few low-lying lilac branches and anchored them in a florist frog at the bottom of my pot, with a little bit of water, so hopefully the leaves won’t dry out too fast. Then I covered the frog with pretty pebbles.

The eggs are suspended on thread attached to the eggs with a dab of glue from the glue gun. At the top are quail eggs which are so dainty and pretty they don’t need any more decoration. We get them at the Asian market, and we blow all our eggs out with our Blas-Fix egg pump.

We’ve begun painting our eggs with watercolors – the enjoyment of the process lasts longer and one can be more intricate with designs.  We can also steer our decorations away from craaaaazy bunnies and toward the natural world and spiritual significance. But we’ll probably also dye some hard boiled eggs for eating fun. 


painted by Artemis


by Mama and Athena


painted by Mama


painted by Apollo


The egg in the foreground is painted by Hermes. The speckled green one was painted naturally by Felicity, our Auracana hen who was mysteriously “taken up” on Christmas Day. We have her lovely egg to remember her by. Further back is a sailboat painted by Athena. Notice Mr. Bunny not being crazy, but calm and still.


Our inspiration – Tasha Tudor once again.

Blessed Holy Easter Season


  1. you are all so talented. When we try stuff like this we all make blobs of dirty brown.

  2. These eggs are gorgeous!!!! I overheard someone saying they liked your Easter tree...I heartily concur. Really amazing!

  3. What an inspiring display! Thanks for sharing. Andrea