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Friday, January 1, 2010

Another New Venture: The Small

Actually this venture has been going on for a little while; we just thought we should finally tell our friends about it, and Mina helped her Mama get with the times and make an Etsy Mini-Shop here on the blog. In reality, it's kind of a Mini-Mall, because each of the ladies of our household has her own shop. It's what Auntie Janet used to call the shopping mall in Moscow, Idaho, where you could walk the length of the whole thing in seven minutes and where half of the storefronts were empty anyway. It was dubbed "the Small." Our Small is ever so much nicer! And our products are locally grown and handcrafted and repurposed and everything!

So you see, once you browse, you will wonder how you ever did get along without them until now. They are right over there on the sidebar. 46 shopping days until Christmas.

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